Think happy. Be happy.

New school year, new goals! One of my goals for this school year is to remain positive throughout the year and help my students do the same. This year I’ve decided to do as much as I can to just do that (hence the title of my blog ūüėä). Here is what I will keep on doing: posting positive quotes around my classroom, playing positive French music during transition times, laughing more and not sweating the small stuff, starting a journal with my favorite family¬†moments, surrounding myself with people who think positively at work and outside of the classroom, collaborating with other teachers, spending more time doing things I love, finish reading or re-reading the following books:

* The Happy Teacher Habits ~ by Michael Linsin
* Happy Teachers Change the World ~ by Thick Nhat Hanh and Katherine Weare
* The Happiness Advantage ~ Shawn Achor
* Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens ~ by C. Willard and A. Saltzman
* Social ~ by Matthew D. Lieberman
* Mindset ~ by Carol S. Dweck
* Awakened: change your mindset to transform your teaching ~ by Angela Watson

This year, I will also be piloting the inner explorer program (daily mindfulness and self-reflections) in my classes; which actually works perfectly with my beliefs as an educator: from this daily 2-minute breathing practice and light stretching activities, I can envision how greatly my students will benefit from such a program which has shown to reduce stress levels and help with test anxiety, lower¬†bullying and ultimately¬†rise¬†academic achievements – when implemented daily and consistently. Usually as my students walk in class we always start with¬† 3-7 minutes of Free Voluntary Reading.¬†¬†Students enter class quietly and get their books;¬†soft “mindfulness” ¬†music will be playing in the background; students continue¬†reading until I signal for their attention.¬†I will play the audio (unfortunately for me they don’t have¬†this program in French – yet; but they do¬†have it in Spanish ūüôā and I will just¬†translate everything into French as we¬†go.¬†¬†What a great first brain break! Students will hear the English (from the program) and French (from me) versions right away and most importantly, this will work for all levels!

I’ve always been passionate about teaching;¬†continuously¬†researching better¬†strategies to do things in class.¬†¬†Looking for¬†things that actually do make sense ūüôā ¬†It‚Äôs not always rainbows and unicorns but I like to believe that I‚Äôve created this bubble for my students where we are so focused on the moment, focused on having fun while acquiring the language that everything else seems unimportant ‚Äď during that class period at least. Staying positive not only helps me keep my sanity; but it also helps my students and my own family do the same.¬† ¬†¬†(Images via Pinterest)

positive 1  quote positiveAnd you; what do you do to keep things positive in your life and work?

4 thoughts on “Think happy. Be happy.

  1. What a great way to set a positive, welcoming tone in your classes! I agree, it is so important to make sure that we as teachers develop our own inner sense of peace, so that we can share that with our students. Looking forward to seeing how these intentions unfold for you this year!


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